Dredging and Erosion Control

Exclusive Design by Cumberland Marine Works

Cumberland Marine Works provides dredging services to enhance your boating experience and increase the value of your waterfront property.

The Cumberland River water levels are subject to fluctuations by the Army Corps of Engineers, causing shallow water problems. The constantly changing lake levels, wave action, and currents in waterways can fill up with sand and silt, which can make waterway access and maneuverability challenging. Dredging is a solution to improve the ability to use your boat during these fluctuations, but it is not a guarantee that the water will not be lowered to an inoperable level. Our dredging process is a by-water process on floating barges. We operate two separate floating barges at Cumberland Marine Works, one with a mini excavator and the other with a roll-off container (dump bin).

At Cumberland Marine Works, our dredging process involves four steps: loosening the material, bringing it to the surface, placing it in a container, and transporting it to an approved dump site for disposal.

We comply with all regulations set forth by the Tennessee Water Quality Control Act of 1977 and the Aquatic Resource Alteration Permit or 401 Water Quality requirements. To initiate the dredging process, simply contact us to schedule an on-site visit. Our team will inspect the dock and surrounding area, probing multiple areas to ensure we avoid hitting bedrock. We also measure the current water depth, keeping in mind the water level during the visit (the normal pool is 445). By calculating the necessary material removal to achieve a specific “goal” depth at a normal pool, we can estimate how much material needs to be removed and approximately how many loads this will take. Trust Cumberland Marine Works to handle your dredging needs with precision and expertise.