Frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions.

Why Buy A Boat Lift?2023-06-05T23:49:02-05:00

Protection. Your boat is securely dry-docked, its hull and out-drive safely protected from wind, wake damage, algae, and marine growth, all of which compromise your boat’s performance, value, and appearance.

Security. Leave your boat for an hour or a year with confidence that it will remain securely dry-docked. Number one in dependability since 1964, each HydroHoist® is engineered to exacting standards and the highest quality levels to ensure performance and reliability. Finally, rest easy knowing that your investment will remain exactly as you left it, and it will be ready to launch whenever you need.

Convenience. With the simple flip of a switch, you can launch or dry-dock your boat in as little as three minutes. No more trailering, boat ramps, or hull cleaning. It’s just that easy. You’ll love how much time you spend on the water, enjoying your boat, instead of worrying about maintenance and storage.

Which Boat Lift Is Right For My Boat?2023-06-05T23:47:37-05:00

HydroHoist has boat lift models to fit nearly every make and model of boats on the water today. To help you find the right boat lift for your boat, you will need to know the following: the body of water you will store your boat on, boat year/brand/model, boat type (V-Hull, Pontoon, Sailboat, etc.), boat length, boat width, engine style, dock type, slip width, floating or fixed dock, and dock style (U-Shaped, Finger Pier, etc).

What Accessories Are Available For A Boat Lift?2023-06-05T23:46:41-05:00

There are many accessories available through HydroHoist for your new boat lift as well as your dock. To make your boating experience safer and more enjoyable rest easy knowing the keel of your boat/PWC rests softly on a Bow Guide. Centering Guides are available to help to load your boat on the lift easier. Corner Bumpers and HydroFenders are attached to your dock to protect your dock and boat in case of accidental rub between boat and dock upon entry or exit from the dock. The HydroLocker 78″ can sit on your dock or be installed with an off-dock mounting bracket to safely secure your life jackets, wakeboards, and fishing rods.

What size boat lift do I need for my wake boat?2023-06-05T23:45:46-05:00

Great question! We are seeing Wake/Surf boats get heavier each year as the demand for bigger wake output is desired. Most wake/surf boats are being hoisted by 8,800 to 12,000-pound lifts.

Will my props hit on a back-in-style boat lift?2023-06-05T23:44:21-05:00

If you choose a back-in style boat lift, longer arms are installed on the lift so it goes deeper into the water and your boat can back-in over the lift without hitting the props.

What size of boat lift do I need for my Pontoon/Tritoon Boat?2023-06-05T23:42:58-05:00

The boat lift size needed for your pontoon/tritoon boat will depend on the weight, length, and width of your boat. Also, the way you prefer to dock your boat will play a role in which boat lift is right for your pontoon/tritoon hoist storage.

How is a Pontoon/Tritoon boat lift different from a V-Hull boat lift?2023-06-05T23:42:01-05:00

HydroHoist has pontoon/tritoon kits to make the lift customized for your pontoon/tritoon boat. More hull pads are added to the lift to support the pontoons.

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